What does 6 star Greenstar rated mean?

What does 6 star Greenstar rated mean?

Green star is an internationally recognised sustainability rating system launched by Green Building Council Australia. Green Star Buildings are evaluated in the design phase by the council on eight categories that define the next decade of the built environment.

Our Antara Living project in Sydney Olympic Park achieved the highest possible 6 star Green Star rating. This monumental achievement is possible thanks to our team of Green Star Accredited Professionals who have the expertise to design and implement world leading sustainability measures and liaise with GBCA to earn a star rating.

Working with Decode means being at the forefront of innovation in sustainability and long term cost reduction.

What are some of the benefits of being Greenstar rated?

  • 40% of CBD office space and 40% of retail space are Greenstar rated
  • Green star projects on average use 66% less electricity than average Australian buildings
  • Reduced risk and ‘future proof’ investments that are ahead of the curve in sustainability regulation
  • 12-30% ‘green premium’ increase in final value
  • 55% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than average Australian buildings

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