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Our Capability.

Our capability is driven by our corporate values of integrity, reliability, teamwork and uncompromised quality. Our passion for upholding these core values and our commitment to our people ensure consistent delivery on every project, within budget and on time.


What we do.


Design & Engineering.

Decode’s design process is strongly aligned with construction planning. We maintain an emphasis on efficiency and a high-quality end result. Meticulous design is evident in every stage of the project life-cycle from understanding site-specific conditions to anticipating the service requirements for the lifetime of the building.



Expertise in all aspects of the construction business is our defining strength. Our delivery promise is led by our experienced construction management team. Most of our project managers are structural and civil engineers who focus on every detail on-site to create a high-quality end product. Collaboration underpins every Decode process.



Our projects are a major investment for our clients. Decode is committed to delivering their vision to the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. The key to a successful building project is good communication, and we work closely with our clients through every step to make sure they are involved and informed. Everyone is in the loop on a Decode project.


Collaborative Approach.

When clients build with us, we share in their same dream and share the same risks. Decode uses collaborative contracting as a preferred approach. It emphasises collaboration, shared risk and reward, and open communication between all parties involved in the project. This approach improves project outcomes, reduces risk, and creates a more efficient and effective construction process.


Post Construction.

Our commitment and business model following the completion of construction sets us apart. Our industry unique Customer Care team work tirelessly to ensure our customers are satisfied at all of our finished projects. Decode stands behind our buildings which means our clients know they are in safe hands long after completion.


We cover the full spectrum of the property industry.

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Safety focused.

‘Commit to Care’ is one of our core values. It means we are committed to achieving Zero Harm at our workplace. From head office to on the ground at our project sites, every member on the Decode team works together to create a safe work environment where everyone gets home safe every day.

Decode’s WHS management system is based on the Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Control model (HIRAC) which aims to reduce risk across all construction activities including Safety in Design. The HIRAC process comprehensively integrates process planning, communication, risk based analysis and adoption of Industry Best Practice to ensure a safe working environment for our subcontractors, project teams, clients and the public.


Our systems.

Decode’s quality, safety and environmental management systems have been developed to assist its employees; subcontractors and stakeholders achieve our’ vision to be the leaders in delivering innovative, high quality projects. Our integrated management system provides a consistent approach to:

  • Delivering client projects
  • Providing a safe place of work
  • Minimising negative impacts to the environment and community

Our systems integrate traditional environment, quality, and safety systems into a business management system framework applicable to all our construction activities.

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