Decode Executive Team

Divya Mehta

Deputy Managing Director

As a key member of the executive team at Decode Group, Divya has driven the brand positioning of Decode since its inception and has led the company through its major growth leap in 2016-2019. Divya’s empathetic leadership skills are crucial in building a culture of collaboration within the business.

Divya started her career in the construction industry as an Architect in 2007. Since joining Decode Group in 2012, Divya’s career has progressed through roles in the delivery process from Project Manager to senior management positions within Decode. Divya brings over 10 years of proven leadership skills, strong problem-solving ability and decision making to her role and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of operational activities, ensuring an efficient and effective service is provided to clients.

Divya’s focus is to continue to strengthen the business through advisory boards, business planning, operational strategy and mentoring staff to ensure continued professional growth across the company.

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